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Meet the Doctor: Red Alinsod, MD

Meet the Doctor: Red Alinsod, MD

Welcome to Dallas Dr. Alinsod. Let's get to know you...

There’s no substitute for an in-person appointment, but we hope this comes close. Enjoy the Podcast and meet Dr. A.

After being unexpectedly recalled from his surgery fellowship at Yale to serve in Air Force hospitals during the first Gulf War, Dr. Red Alinsod discovered his passion for cosmetic gynecology.

Following the war, Dr. Alinsod went on to build his career in pelvic reconstructive surgeries such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty in Los Angeles. 

Later establishing his practice in Laguna Beach where most women are in their mid-40’s, Dr. Alinsod became known as the “second chance doctor.” He specialized in restoring the moisture, blood flow, sensitivity, and bladder control women had in their 20’s and 30’s, often without the need for surgery.

Through radiofrequency microneedling, lasers, Botox + PRP injections, and amniotic fluid injections, Dr. Alinsod is saving women’s self esteem, intimacy, and comfort.

Driven by his passion for advancing the specialty of cosmetic gynecology, Dr. Alinsod shares instructional videos on labial surgeries and non-surgical feminine rejuvenation treatments with other doctors through his online training platform, GynFlix.

ABOUT MEET THE DOCTOR  The purpose of the Meet the Doctor podcast is simple.  We want you to get to know your doctor before meeting them in person because you’re making a life changing decision and time is scarce. The more you can learn about who your doctor is before you meet them, the better that first meeting will be.  When you head into an important appointment more informed and better educated, you are able to have a richer, more specific conversation about the procedures and treatments you’re interested in. There’s no substitute for an in-person appointment, but we hope this comes close.

Meet The Doctor is a production of The Axis.  Made with love in Austin, Texas.

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